MAJI visits regions throughout the world that are affected by the world water crisis.
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Ever wonder what it feels like to go to a far away place to do a little bit of good? Come with MAJI on a water relief mission! read more

Meet Head Water Boy, Guy Futi... after spending much of his childhood in Africa witnessing firsthand the effects of the world water crisis - he decided to start building the water for everyone dream. read more

Water for everyone is not just in far away places, MAJI gives clean drinkable water right here to those in need. read more

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Hey guys, thanks for wanting to learn more about MAJI and our mission to alleviate world thirst. For years we have been giving water to thousands – actually – before selling a single bottle we were halfway across the world donating water and building wells. Every time you drink MAJI, we give water away.. MAJI, Swahili for Water

More than one in six people on this planet ...
does not have access to clean drinking water. Millions die each day due to lack of clean water.
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Women all over the world ...
walk dozens of kilometres in search of clean water.